Speed Solid, a new WordPress hosting company is here to break down the interconnected relationship between SSL and SEO.

From boosting your website’s search rankings to enhancing security, investing in the installation of an SSL certificate undoubtedly has its benefits.

SEO Implications of SSL

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With Google officially listing SSL certification as a ranking factor, websites are progressively adopting new security layers to appear higher on the search pages. By installing an SSL certificate on your website, you will notice your website URL begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP. This essentially means the website is being secured with SSL and is safe to transfer sensitive information like your passwords, bank information, and credit card numbers. The secure connection prevents hackers from intercepting it.

HTTPS Boosts Search Rankings

With nearly 80% of all users utilizing Google as their primary search engine, you will want to appear as high as possible when people’s Google search results. Even though, SSL certification is just one of over 200 ranking factors that Google’s algorithm uses when deciding which content appears first on its search engine, every little bit helps. Also, it is expected that the SSL certificate plays a greater role in ranking in the near future due to the rise of e-commerce and the integration of security on all sites.

Enhanced Referrer Data

When traffic from a HTTPS site gets referred or directed to a regular HTTP website, the referral data gets lost and the traffic gets classified as “general traffic”. This problem gets eliminated when your website is HTTPS as it allows you to have a better grasp on the state of your referral traffic. It does not matter whether you are a small business owner, a personal blogger, managing a photo sharing site, etc., you want to know how people are accessing your content. This helps you get a better understanding of whether your marketing dollars are being put to the best use and if alternative methods should be considered.

Improved Security

Finally, getting your website SSL certified stops “man in the middle attacks” that intercept the communication between you and your customers. This verifies the servers and encrypts the data being transferred. For both B2B and B2C organizations, offering this new level of enhanced security, will help your target audience build trust and give them a piece of mind. It helps them makes feel more comfortable sharing their contact information and making purchases with you.

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